Surgery: the machine is gone

Many surgeries had to be postponed due to COVID – 19, and will require time to recover the delay, but the machine is indeed restarted.

LouiseLeduc Louise Leduc

La Presse

In Montreal, at the McGill University Health Center (MUHC), interventions resumed in a proportion of 60%, with priority given to patients undergoing cardiology or oncology. Oncological neurosurgery works almost at full speed (at 90%), says Annie-Claire Fournier, media relations consultant.

In addition, for the past fortnight, patients with benign but symptomatic conditions have been able to be operated again.

On the side of the University of Montreal Hospital Center (CHUM), elective surgeries have resumed since the end of May.

“Subject to developments in the COVID situation – 19, the operating theaters of the CHUM will resume at a level equal to or higher than that pre-COVID from September 8, “explains Lucie Dufresne, communications advisor.

This summer, the number of operating theaters available will increase by 15% compared to the same period last year. Half of the operating rooms will operate on an extended schedule, i.e. from 7 a.m. 30 to 18 h rather than 7 h 30 at 15 h 30.

At the CHUM as well as at the MUHC, we assure that the vital interventions that could not be postponed have been carried out.

“A local surgical monitoring committee met every day to establish the list of patients to be operated on, following the prioritization made by the doctors of each discipline. The patients who had to be operated on as a priority were, ”said M me . Dufresne.

At the provincial level, the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) indicates that we have succeeded in “acquiring stocks of the various critical drugs necessary for intensive care, including propofol”.

The stocks of establishments were thus able to be increased.

“The MSSS is currently working to ensure the sustainability over time of the increased stocks to deal with possible other waves of COVID – 19, ”says Marie-Hélène Émond, responsible for media relations.