Wealth Tax Accounts Division

The Property Tax Accounting Division allocates collected property taxes to the County of Sonoma’s numerous recipient districts, companies, and faculties.

The place do your property tax {dollars} go?

  • Complete Prop 13 Tax Levies within the Monetary Yr 2020-21: $988.2M
  • faculty: $469.8M – 48%
  • Particular Districts: $80.8 million – 8%
  • Cities: $89.9M – 9%
  • Redevelopment Actions*: $81.2M – 8%
  • County: $266.5M – 27%

The distribution quantity proven above in FY 2020-21 reveals a rise of 4.5% over FY 2019-20 quantity.

*Based on California legislation, redevelopment companies had been established with the intention of eliminating defects that hinder non-public development and improvement inside a group. Redevelopment companies had been dissolved by means of state laws throughout fiscal yr 2011-12, however the auditor-controller continues to be required to calculate and distribute funds associated to redevelopment actions. Any residual funds not spent for redevelopment actions are contributed again to the entities annually.

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