Better understanding of climate risks, impacts to US agriculture through new report

A new report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture sheds light on how it is possible to better understand how agricultural systems are impacted by climate change through the use of as many as 20 indicators. The need for such report stems from the fact […]
Posted on 1 month ago

Sharp rise in methane emissions, a powerful warming agent

Global emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas much more potent than CO2, increased by 9% between 2006 and 2017, mainly from the energy and agricultural sectors, according to a study published Wednesday. While 40% of these emissions are of natural origin (emissions from wetlands in […]
Posted on 1 month ago

Addiction and psychiatric disorders share structural anomalies

Structural abnormalities that are similar, and sometimes even superior, to those seen in the brains of people with certain psychiatric disorders are found in the brain of people suffering from addiction, reveals a study by CHU Sainte-Justine researchers. . By comparing alcohol and cannabis dependent […]
Posted on 1 month ago

New software allows to find drug resistant bacteria

Researchers at Washington State University have developed a new software that enables them to find drug-resistant bacteria – specifically the genes within bacteria that enables them to become drug-resistant. According to the team behind this software, their easy to use software will enable identification of […]
Posted on 1 month ago

Emergencies stormed


After weeks of calm, Quebec's emergencies are stormed by the sick, while their staff are exhausted by a harsh spring. Posted on 27 June 2020 at 0 a.m. 00 Philippe Teisceira-Lessard La Presse Thousands of Quebecers did not dare to approach a hospital when the […]